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So Buffy Met Jack...

...and Torchwood got a little more interesting.

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Crossover project between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Torchwood
So Buffy Met Jack

...and then Torchwood got a little more interesting!

Inspired by interactions in the Hotel California Panfandom RPG, this is a joint project between two women who adored the idea of Jack recruiting Buffy to Torchwood. Perhaps they adored it a little too much, but that remains to be seen.

Who are the designers of this insanity? Amy (first_summers / tainted_crimson) and Sarah (capj_harkness / magicom), who bonded over Resident Evil and found the fandom madness just never stopped. We make absolutely no claim to the worlds or characters; Buffy the Vampire Slayer is copyright of Joss Whedon and Fox, and Torchwood belongs to Russell T. Davies and the BBC.

Project Status: Somewhere in the Middle!

Where it's being shared: Twisting the Hellmouth

Also advertised at: doctorwho, torch_wood, torchwood_fic, torchwoodcoffee

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